Hello visitor! Somehow, some way, you have stumbled upon Ashley's - my - "about me" page. Woe is you. There is a bunch of useless pointless great information about me here. I am positive that nobody will read through this whole thing, and yet I still feel epically compelled to make this page. I will use almost any excuse to make a website. I really will. With that, I suppose, let's get started.

This section is a summary, and will probably tell you most of what you need to know without having to read further - if you do not feel the need to know the intimate details of my life. I am not particularly interesting in my own opinion, but hey. You never know.

My name is Ashley. I am also known as Ish, Ash, and Ashes. I am twenty-six years of age, ie: so old to be on the Internet. I currently live in southwest Virginia in a teeny town with the population of approximately 3,000 people (though I cannot see how we cram that many people into this itty-bitty place). I am currently trying to move to North Carolina to be closer to my boyfriend, who lives an hour and a half from me. My house is newer, but very uniquely styled (built in 2006 with a Victorian style and strange floor plan, but it suits me very much) so nobody wants to buy it. Sad face.

The Internet and everything on it have been my primary hobby since I was eleven years old. I've also enjoyed gaming, comics, TV, movies, and books since I was very young, which sufficiently classifies me as a nerd. I still do all of those things daily and enjoy them very much. I will expand on this subject a bit later, under my 'hobbies' category on down the page.


Wow you made it past the first section? Cool. c: This is the part where I tell you some random things that I like, and some things that I don't like. Enjoy.





Do Not Like


I have lots of hobbies. Most of them are nerdy in nature. Actually, probably all of them are.


I have been gaming since I was around 10 years old. The first system I played was the SNES. The first system I owned was the Nintendo 64, and it is still a very beloved system to me. I also used to play arcade games, my favorite of which was Frogger. I currently own a Playstation 3, GameCube, Playstation 2, PSP, DSi, and a Gameboy Advance SP. I also do lots of PC and browser gaming.

Gaming is a hobby that is sort of inconsistent for me these days. I will go periods of months where no games will interest me and I will be into other things. And then there are periods (like I've been having lately) where I will be playing 4-5 games at a time, and it is all that I do in my spare time. I play many games and many genres, but my favorite genre is RPGs.

I also am dearly and forever in love with the Final Fantasy franchise. A demo of FFVIII that came with Brave Fencer Musashi was my first, and I have played all of them since then. VIII, X/X-2, and XII are my absolute favorites.

I have a Steam account and a Raptr. My gaming history is extensive, so I'm not going to list the games I've played here. My Playfire has a nice list of games I've played, but it is currently incomplete.

Online TCGs*
Pokemon X

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* I am playing this game the most right now.

Web Design

I've been web designing amateurly since I was 13 years old. I got started by making various sites on Geocities. I originally started because I roleplayed on Yahoo chat, and I was asked to make a website for an RP club I was in. I slowly taught myself how to code HTML and CSS, and I found a friend [Lindsay] who taught me to use Paintshop Pro to make graphics and layouts. I discovered the world of fanlistings sometime around 2002-ish, and I once owned quite a few of those. I eventually tired of that scene, which led to me taking breaks from web design on and off. I picked back up with in 2009.

I've had countless websites in my history:,,,,,,, and many, many others. I am a domain addict. I currently own 4 domains: ASHPLAYS.COM, FATED.US, LAZYSHAD.COM, and my main one, ASH-KAT.NET. A couple of them aren't that active at the moment.


I used to hate to read when I was younger. The first book I remember liking was Hatchet by Gary Paulsen; I read it in the 9th grade. From then on I discovered that I had a true affinity for reading and began reading much more. My favorite genre is fantasy, but I do read other things as well - mostly fiction, but a little nonfiction here and there. Admittedly reading is not a priority for me unless there is a book out that I am very excited for. That is especially true lately, because I have been gaming a lot. I do have a Goodreads account if you would like to see what I am reading, and have read. A (very) few of my favorites are The Good Earth, Harry Potter, and Outlander.


Within the past couple of years I've become much more interested in television. I think it's because of my boyfriend. I've always liked it, but before I met him I tended to lean toward cartoons and anime. Now I am the exact opposite, and tend to lean toward the real-life shows. We watch TV together, which is why it is currently one of my favorite activities. It's something we can do together even when we aren't physically together, due to him living an hour and a half away. As for specifics, at this point I think it is actually safer to assume that I watch a show rather than assume that I don't. I have a TV schedule on my website that keeps up with the shows that we are currently watching. I also have a fandom list that is basically a list of all the fandoms I belong to. Yes, I am a SuperWhoLockian. ♥ And many other things.


I love going to the movies. And I love seeing my favorite books adapted into movies, which has happened quite a lot in the past 5 years or so. I used to collect movies, but that has become sort of a moot point with Redbox. I use Redbox a lot, and I love being able to rent movies straight from Amazon and stream them. Since I am a supernerd, all the superhero movies float my boat: The Avengers, Batman, Spiderman, etc. Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Boondock Saints, and countless others. My favorites are all listed over at my fandom list!

The Internet

The big one. I use Skype to talk to my boyfriend every day after work. I spend way, way too much time on tumblr. I read fanfiction on Archive Of Our Own. I'm a sucker for social media (mostly twitter, FB is dumb). I download all of my TV shows or watch them streamed online. The game I'm playing right now is an MMORPG, so it's played online. Pretty much all of my hobbies can be done at the computer, on the Internet. I suppose that is the age that we live in. At this point I've spent most of my life in this digital age. I enjoy it very much.


Here I will tell you about the most important relationships I've developed in my life thus far. :D As far as my online friends go, even though we've never met, I feel like I have forged a couple of the strongest friendships I've ever had with them. Distance means nothing.

In Real Life