I've been web designing amateurly since I was 15 years old - that's around 2002. I got started by making various sites on Geocities. I slowly taught myself how to code, and I found a friend [Lindsay] who taught me to use Paintshop Pro to make graphics and layouts. I started out making a roleplaying site for Yahoo Messenger RPing, then a fansite for Gundam Wing to host my fanfics, and then there was The Great Neopets Era (I still play Neopets to this day).

Ever since then I've had countless websites:,,,, and many, many others. I am a domain addict. I currently own 2 domains: and my main one, I used to run around 100 fanlistings, so you may know me as Ash from or fated(dot)us. You may also know me from my days of obsessively playing OTCGs, which I miss dearly. Maybe again someday. (the domain) has been around since August 08, 2009. It is currently hosted and registered with NameCheap. My old host, WizzerdWerks, has sadly gone out of business and faded away. I've also had hosting with Dreamhost in the past, and they have very good service if you run a much larger site.