• FONTS: Most fonts I get come from Google Fonts. Others I download from various places, including tumblr, deviantart, and FontSquirrel.
  • IMAGES: I use Google to find most of my images. The image used in this layout features Aerith and Zack of Final Fantasy VII, and was colored by Hope.
  • CODING: All of my websites are coded by ME, from scratch in notepad. Probably the reason that my sites are rarely CSS/HTML verified. :'D Thank you to Kelli for assisting me with coding the latest version, 6.0! :D She helped with text alignment and overflow problems.
  • GRAPHICS: I create all of my graphics using the program Paintshop Pro X4 by Corel. At times I use Photoshop and Animation Shop 3 to make .gifs. But mainly PSPX4.
  • BRUSHES & TEXTURES: The texture I used in this layout came from Ransie. Most of the brushes that I use come from many, many various artists on deviantART. If you see your brush and want credit, please feel free to e-mail me.
  • BACKGROUNDS: 80% of all backgrounds that I use come from SubtlePatterns. If you see a background that I am using that is yours and you want credit, please feel free to e-mail me.